Sell Your House

According to NAR, (National Association of Realtors), the majority of properties offered for sale by their owners end up being listed and sold by Real Estate Brokers. The most common reasons for most FSBO (For Sale By Owner) failures are overpricing the property and since most buyers work with real estate agents, potential clients may not see your property. So hire a professional!

Value your property
You need to know just how much your property is worth on the open market. You can easily get this information here Home Values.

Preparing your home.
Presentation is everything in real estate sales. Home buyers are attracted to clean, spacious, and attractive houses. You are going to want to brighten-up the house and remove all of the clutter from counter tops, tables, and rooms. Scrub-down your house from top to bottom before you even consider letting someone inside of it for a tour. Would you buy a dirty house?

Home inspections.
Many standard real estate contracts are going to give the home buyer the right to inspect your property so you are going to need to be ready for this, including pest inspections. Have your home inspected before you advertise. Under a general inspection you might be obligated to make major repairs to appliances, plumbing, septic, electrical and heating systems etc. You can expect your homeís roof and foundations etc. to be inspected too. Any recommendations that are made, do them all! Additional inspections requested by the buyer are customarily at their expense.

Make Home Improvements.
In some parts of the country you can add considerable value to your home by making certain improvements like building a gazebo, adding to your deck or porch, or even making a pond in your yard. Things like this may add value to a home depending on where you live. Ask around before you improve, though. The three most valued returns on your money to price of the home are in the kitchen, bathrooms and windows. Other, more cosmetic improvements are not to be ignored, but try to make a calculations as to whether an investment will yield dollar return. If it does not, these improvements may only speed the time it takes you to sell the house

Never lie about Property Flaws.
Property disclosure laws may mandate that sellers list any flaws in the home that are required by your state. If you are unaware of flaws or make an effort to cover them up, you can risk losing the sale and finding yourself in court. Simple rule of thumb, just donít lie.