Real Estate Glossary

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Qualified intermediary:
Corporation or entity who facilitates a 1031 tax deferred exchange (also known as an "accommodator"). To be a qualified intermediary, the intermediary must not be a related party.
Quantity-survey method:
The appraisal method of estimating building costs by calculating the cost of all of the physical components in the improvements, adding the cost to assemble them and then including the indirect costs associated with such construction. (See appraisal)
Quasi contract:
A contract implied by law, as a matter of equity, when no actual contract exists.
Quiet enjoyment:
An implied warranty that the landlord will not interfere with the tenant's reasonable use and enjoyment of a leased property. (See implied warranty)
Quiet title:
A court action to remove a cloud on the title.
Quitclaim deed:
A conveyance by which the grantor transfers whatever interest he or she has in the real estate, without warranties or obligations.

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