• Are you behind on mortgage payments?
• Does your adjustable rate mortgage continue to go up?
• Do you owe more than your home is worth?
• Have you tried to refinance and can't?
• Have you lost your job recently or had a reduction in income?
• Are you facing foreclosure?
• Is there a temporary hardship keeping you from making payments that requires a home loan modification specialist?

Loan modification is a process that allows homeowners and lenders to change the terms of a loan in order to help the borrower stop foreclosure. A loan modification is NOT a new loan. It is the renegotiation – or loan restructuring – of an existing mortgage note. For homeowners behind on their mortgage, or those with a low credit score, a loan modification is often the only option available because they are unable to get approved for a mortgage refinance or a short-refinance.
A loan modification can be done in several ways or combination of ways listed below:

• the loan’s interest rate may be decreased
• the interest rate could be changed from an adjustable to a fixed rate
• the period of time the borrower has to pay the loan back can be lengthened
• the type of loan could be changed altogether

Many borrowers are facing foreclosure because their interest only or variable rate loan interest terms have sky rocketed beyond what they could have imagined.
A loan restructuring is an agreeable way for both the lender and the borrower to avoid the cost and hassle of the foreclosure process.

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