Our REO team is composed of seasoned certified REO brokers with an extensive experience in all facets of REO management, real estate valuation, loss-mitigation, real estate sales, closings, and property management.
Immediately upon the completion of the foreclosure sale, Omnycor Realty Corp handles all sales and property management related activities on the lenders behalf.

Our services include:

• Assignment to an experienced certified REO agent
• Initial inspection of property (within 24 hours)
• Re-keying, securing, winterization and trash/debris removal
• Eviction coordination and relocation assistance (cash for keys)
• Broker's Price Opinion with pictures
• Obtain itemized bid repairs from qualified licensed and bonded contractors
• MLS, online listings, local advertising, open houses and online auctions
• MSR’s - Monthly Status Reports
• Offer negotiation and management
• Contract review and closing coordination
• Constant monitoring & supervision of all aspects of the REO process
• Expense Management - Payment of utility and property level expenses; submission of reimbursement documentation; scanned invoices, pictures and check copies